Get your .btc Nostr Name.

Decentralized names are secured on the Bitcoin blockchain, registered by Stacks.

Register .BTC domains in three steps


Check the availability of your preferred domain.


Register with a Bitcoin connected Stacks account in just a few clicks.


Manage and self-custody your .BTC domains all in one place.

Gold is a rock. Bitcoin is not a f------ rock.

Bitcoin has proven itself as a store of value protocol. Stacks is on a mission to prove that Bitcoin can also be the bedrock of the user owned internet. Stacks brings scalable transactions and expressive smart contracts to Bitcoin, putting Bitcoin’s $1T capital to work.

.BTC domains are registered through a smart contract on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. This smart contract implements a decentralized name registry written in Clarity lang. Ownership of every .BTC name is represented in a hash of the Bitcoin blockchain. Instead of spamming the bitcoin blockchain with name registrations, thousands of Stacks transactions settle in a single transaction on the bitcoin blockchain.

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Decentralized domains secured by Bitcoin. Names are anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain.

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